Group Private Medical...

Providing peace of mind for you and your staff.

Private Medical Insurance is without doubt one of the most attractive employee benefits available, whilst the benefits to you, the employer, are many and varied:

  • Staff recruitment and retention are improved as employees look for a “package” rather than simply a salary. Private Medical Insurance is an attractive benefit to many employees.
  • Not having to endure a long wait for treatment is especially valuable and provides peace of mind for you and your staff. Your staff will have access to the best doctors and private hospitals in the quickest possible time, providing the best chance of a speedy recovery, limiting the time off they require to an absolute minimum.
  • Company Private Medical Insurance also provides tax benefits for companies as the cost of premiums and administration are deductible against company profits for corporation tax.
  • The costs associated with group schemes are much lower than with individual schemes. This allows you to provide healthcare for you and your staff at a reduced rate and give you, personally, access to cheaper rates for the same level of cover.

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