Private Medical...

Different levels of cover to meet your exact circumstances.

With waiting lists clearly unacceptable to many people, Private Medical Insurance has become an increasingly popular solution to ensure you receive the care and treatment you deserve.

Prompt diagnosis and access to the very best facilities ensure that in a time of poor health you have nothing to worry about other than getting better.

There are many different levels of cover available to suit all budgets.

As this product type has developed over time, and more competitors have entered the market, we have seen an increase in choice for clients - in terms of the cover available, the hospitals available and the cost of cover.

It is often a common misconception that pre-existing conditions are not covered on Private Medical insurance; this is not always the case as companies are willing to view every case individually.

Whether you have a specific requirement or need a complete review of your financial affairs, simply contact us to arrange that first confidential meeting.

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